About iCash  



As consumer credit and debit card usage continues to escalate, cities are increasingly under pressure to accept these forms of payment.  With assistance from the Iowa League of Cities, five cities have created a 28E entity, called iCash, which is intended to help cities better approach the electronic payment acceptance process. Based on research of credit card acceptance trends among cities in Iowa, iCash looks to address the following:


  • Enable best pricing for credit card transactions through aggregation
  • Consolidate multiple credit card merchant accounts within individual cities
  • Provide a better method of reconciling payments received via electronic payments
  • Minimize the time frame of electronic payment transactions
  • Fairly distribute the costs inherent to credit card acceptance via a convenience fee for consumers

In October 2009, iCash signed contracts with ABC Virtual to serve as the vendor supporting iCash. ABC Virtual currently provides web applications to several Iowa web initiatives, including the Iowa County Treasurers Association’s web application enabling online license plate and property tax payments.



About the Iowa League of Cities

The Iowa League of Cities provides administrative support to iCash. For more information about the Iowa League of Cities, visit www.iowaleague.org. To contact Heather Roberts, the main League contact for iCash, use heatherroberts@iowaleague.org or call (515) 244-7282.



About ABC Virtual


One of ABC Virtual’s core areas is that of online payment acceptance and distribution of funds. We are our own payment gateway, which means our customers don’t have to go through other gateways that may cost more or have higher service fees. We are a level 1 PCI compliant company, which ensures our customers’ data security. Merchants that choose to do business with us can either establish their own merchant account or use one of ours. We are capable of taking Visa, MasterCard and Discover, as well as Debit cards and echecks (ACH transfer).

Several of our clients that currently use our payment service have commissioned us to build their web application and then incorporate the payment acceptance as a part of the application/web site. The Iowa State County Treasurers Association is one such client that has been using the system for 2 years now. Eighty-eight Iowa counties use it for collection of property taxes and motor vehicle registration. Other clients include the Iowa Asian Alliance, Home Store Collections (VGK Marketing), and the Missouri Valley Line Constructors.
In addition to customized web sites that utilize our payment system, we also offer a complete online payment system that allows for maximum flexibility and ease of use. Configurable in almost every aspect you can think of, this payment system is capable of integrating with existing web sites, or can be used as a company’s main presence on the web. It is unique from other online payment applications in that it is also capable of taking in office, or point of sale, payments using a pin pad device. It is entirely Internet based, so no lengthy installations are required other than java and a driver for the device.
Some of the features of the ABCV Payment application include:
  • In Office, or Point of Sale, payments with pin pad device integration
  • Online payments for registered users that may make payments on a regular basis
  • Online payments for non-registered users who don’t want their payment information saved
  • Over the phone payments where clerks or operators take payment information over the phone
  • Integration with existing web sites using our service for the payment backend
  • Online store capabilities - users can setup and display their merchandise on our customizable online store
  • Content Management - puts the content of the site at user’s fingertips rather than making them rely on someone else to make changes. Page content as well as menu items and page links are all customizable.
  • Detailed reports
Our payment web application with its customization is ideal for any number of situations where payments are collected. It is perfect for counties and cities and their various departments as well as small companies who are looking for a web presence where they can accept payments. Please contact our sales department for more information.